Alan Charles Jebson

Alan JebsonAlan’s early business and sales success began while still in school. Financing talent and selling tickets resulted in profitable ventures. As a young entrepreneur, Alan realized how to utilize top talent and leveraged finance for profit.

Alan created his first fortune from scratch in 90’s London. He amassed a portfolio of properties capitalizing on the “buy to let” boom. His appetite for the exotic led him to Mediterranean shores where he developed Spanish villas and commercial property.

To satisfy an ever expanding drive to expand his vision and capabilities, Alan Jebson embarked on a quest for ‘top of their field’ mentors to take him to ever higher levels. He found some notable, experienced and very successful entrepreneurs who had built businesses to exceptional value in companies from oil and gas, IT, and real estate to insurance, healthcare and eCommerce.

Working closely with among others Gordon Bizar, Mr. Jebson recognized growth opportunities within the healthcare industry. Together they have created a ‘war plan’ for their company Churchlake Care using the vast entrepreneurial experience and potential partners available to them through Gordon’s vast network of successful entrepreneurs.

A robust strategy has been developed to grow Churchlake into a substantial enterprise through targeted acquisitions within the fragmented care home industry. Alan leads the team at Churchlake that is enhancing value significantly through waste management, renegotiation of supplies, consolidation, strategic investment and an uplift in the quality of care provided through training and support.

Gordon and Alan have forged a strong relationship and already completed 2 acquisitions encompassing 6 care homes with more that 200 employees in the UK. A plans to roll up healthcare practices in the US is now underway with bodacious and attainable goals for a cross-Atlantic preeminence in healthcare for aging Baby Boomers.

On a personal level Alan ran the New York and London marathons successfully and raised funds for several charities holding philanthropy close to his heart. He has three children and lives happily in Somerset, England and splits quality time when possible in the warmer climes of the Canary Islands with his family.