Bryan Santos

BryanTorsoBryan’s background is in growing businesses. He is passionate about advising and partnering with business owners to massively improve the sales and profitability of their companies while structuring them for optimum value. Demand for Bryan’s time and attention is extraordinarily high given his extensive track record of doubling and tripling client companies’ sales within months instead of years.

Bryan is a multi business owner who has coached and advised owners and executives of hundreds of businesses over the years. His clients have ranged in size from small entrepreneurial companies to multimillion dollar turnover organizations in dozens of industries.

Bryan has consistently demonstrated an ability to innovate solutions to business challenges where others with high levels of expertise have failed. He is a strong team leader who consistently delivers results above expectations. These characteristics along with Bryan’s inner drive and high integrity led Gordon to hand pick Bryan to found and lead NDFC operations in Australia.

His expertise covers the areas of:

• Cash flow and profitability
• Productivity and efficiency
• Sales and marketing
• Staffing and team motivation
• Financing growth
• Growing through acquisition
• Exit strategies

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