Each NDFC division is a brand name recognized within its industry as an innovator and leader in its field. Each brand produces a series of solution services that can stand alone or work in conjunction with each other.

Affiliation – NDFC provides all of its services through business professionals wishing to make all or a portion of our broad menu of exceptional growth services available to their clientele. Accounting firms, law firms, consultants, investment bankers and other business professionals benefit by expanding the range of their service offerings and sources of revenue. Professionals can affiliate with NDFC with a turnkey white-label agreement building their own brand with their clients. Or, they can capitalize on the track record and recognition of NDFC brands and our professional practice development skills. It is worth mentioning that NDFC also helps affiliated professional firms grow by backing their acquisition of other professional practices.

Aggregation – Marketing superiority and cost minimization are among the goals for any company that wishes to dominate its market space. This requires a superior business model. This requires “Strategic Aggregation.” NDFC brings complimentary companies together around a common marketing theme, cross-markets their customers to radically increase each company’s revenues and facilitates resource sharing reducing each company’s expenses. With increased margins, strategically aggregated companies are able to out-compete their independent rivals and then buy them up at bargain prices.

Mergers & Acquisitions – The buying or selling of a business is a complex transaction that must meet the psychological and financial needs of both buyer and seller. Successful transactions require both science and art. NDFC has perfected this process over the last 50 years with over 3,500 transactions completed representing billions of dollars in sales proceeds to sellers. Perhaps more importantly the majority of those transaction were accomplished using Bizar Financing’s legendary “Little or No Cash from Buyer” financial leveraging strategies. If you are buying or selling a business, NDFC will train you how to optimize and complete your transaction. If you need more assistance, NDFC will provide advise or consulting tailored to your need. If you believe that top flight hands-on assistance is needed, NDFC will partner with you assuming both risk and responsibility for bringing your transaction to a successful outcome.

Private Equity – Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need cash. They need the resources that cash can buy. Most entrepreneurial businesses do not qualify for traditional private equity because they lack the management team that has a capacity to deliver the level of success and earnings necessary to warrant the investment of cash. NDFC supplies entrepreneurs with managed resources, becoming their management team and resource provider. Over just a few years, NDFC facilitates the building of the company’s own management team capable of fulfilling its full potential.

Profit Enhancement – Increasing revenues, decreasing costs, improving cash flow; this is the lifeblood of business success. The world is full of “experts” who will charge a business a fee to provide expertise to accomplish these objective. The problem is the expert gets paid whether or not the desired outcome is achieved. Many a business has paid substantial sums to these experts without achieving the desired results. NDFC provides proven experts so confident in their ability to accomplish these outcomes that their services are provided on a performance basis. No results, no fee. It’s that simple. Client fees are paid only from a portion of the money NDFC puts into the client company’s bank account.

Succession – The big payoff for building a business is its sale when the owner retires. Yet only a fraction of businesses are ever sold. Most are closed when the owner dies or retires with liquidation value at a fraction of the possible going concern value. NDFC not only helps owners plan their exit, we then help the owner restructure and grow the company for its optimum sale value to a buyer we provide.

If the goal of the owner is to retain the business in the family, we help insure the business continues to thrive under family control and passes to the next generation with minimal estate taxes preventing the draining away of vital capital.

Training & Support – Conventional colleges and business schools train people to be good employees for large corporations. They do not train entrepreneurs how do build their own company when they do not have the resources available to large companies. NDFC fills this void with training programs that provide proven strategies, methods and techniques that enable those with limited resources to succeed in building their own thriving business. These unique programs also provide hands-on support to help entrepreneurs implement what they have learned.

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