Sarah-Beth Cleaves

Sarah-BethAsk business owners what they most want to achieve within their business. The three responses heard most often are; “free up my time”, “increase my sales” and “reduce my costs.” The solutions usually reside in the way the business is structured, including its systems and culture. Sarah-Beth’s experience, core competencies and skill sets are uniquely suited to provide these solutions.

Sarah-Beth has personally coached business owners and executives in 11 different industries and has accumulated over 3,600 hours of direct face-to-face coaching and mentoring experience. By creating custom built programs for clients, she is able to work on a one-on-one basis to design and construct the ideal business structure, culture and team that are necessary for the business owner to exit themselves from the day-to-day side of running their business. Moreover, measurable through key performance indicators (KPI’s), millions of dollars have been added to clients’ bottom lines.

Sarah-Beth has command of a wide range of solutions to assist with the smooth transition out of the operational side of virtually any business. Whether the owner’s goals involve selling, succession planning or growing their company to the next level, Sarah-Beth has the expertise and connections to facilitate the fulfillment of these objectives.

Sarah-Beth has a degree in Business majoring in Human Resource Management and is a Certified NLP Practitioner. Prior to joining National Diversified, her background was in coaching; sales; training; and developing, leading and managing large teams.

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