Frank Ciarcia

Ciarcia LongFrank Ciarcia has over 40 years of “in the trenches” business experience. More than an advisor or armchair theorist, he presently owns and operates a 32 year old Connecticut metal finishing business. To succeed in this industry, Frank had to become an expert at navigating the myriad of government imposed rules and regulation promulgated by OSHA and the EPA.

Frank’s specialty is helping business owners solve their “not enough time” challenges. By guiding owner through the establishing of effective process systems, business owners are able to extricate themselves from the day-to-day operational aspects of their business. Imagine that, building a more successful scalable business with more time for family, friends and fun.

Much of Frank’s success in his own businesses and with the businesses of his clients is attributed to his uncanny ability to build high level Quality Control Systems into manufacturing processes while running a lean, mean, cost effective business machine. What if your manufacturing company could add an additional 3% to 7% of sales into the net profit column. That’s what happens when your scrap, rework and return rates drop to near zero, your delivery production cycle and delivery time shorten and customer appreciation rates increase.

In addition, Frank has bought low and sold high several franchises for clients and himself.


International Mergers and Acquisitions since 1996
Sunrise Business Professional Group

Education and Training

Certified Accountant Partnering System™ (APS) Affiliate
A Certificate of Completion from University of El Paso Franchise Program
BA in Philosophy from St. Bonaventure University

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