HighROINDFC offers its accredited and institutional investor-partners a unique opportunity to earn higher than market rate ROI’s with low risk profiles. Whether it’s a bridge loan facilitating a business acquisition or interim financing to cover growth needs, NDFC protects its investors with structured transactions that protect the invested capital during the relatively short durations that the funds are in use. Additional information is provided for each transaction upon the signing of a Non-disclosure Agreement. To be on our list of preferred investors for these types of transactions, please contact our headquarters office at (805) 497-1000 or Ask for the investment division, structured transactions. Accredited and Institutional Investors Only, Please.

Recent Transaction: Cash-on-cash investment of $2,500,000 for ROI of 100% in 2 years. Funds used to acquire to acquire rapid growth, high cash flow eCommerce companies with revenues over $10,000,000/yr. with 32% net profit (EBITDA).

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