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GB Bio ShotGordon Bizar, more than half a century of success in the fields of Business, Finance, Adult Education, Media, Technology, and Public Service.

Gordon is CEO and Board Chairman of National Diversified Funding Corporation, a Los Angeles-based global private equity company. He is sought after by entrepreneurs, business executives, investors, and government leaders worldwide for his ability to foresee, strategize, structure, and organize innovative solutions to seemingly impossible business and societal challenges. When stuck with the most vexing challenges, leaders and power brokers call Gordon.

The scope of the missions currently undertaken by Gordon are grand in scale and disruptive in their implications.

  • Under the brand names of Bizar Financing and Partners in Business Acquisition – Facilitate the Transfer of $12 Trillion of Business Wealth from Retiring Baby Boomers owners to Gen X & Y Entrepreneurs.
  • Under the brand name Accountant Partnering System – Reposition CPA firms from providers of Tax & Compliance Advisory into Total Business Solution Centers.
  • Under the brand name Billionaire Lifestyles – Reposition and expand Family Offices from wealth management to total lifestyle support for high income, high net worth individuals and their families.
  • Under the brand name ZKAYL – Establish Strategic Aggregation and Ecosystem Cross Marketing as the dominant business model for creating wealth in the 21st Century. Build a technology-facilitated platform fully automating cross marketing and other areas of collaboration among aligned businesses.
  • Train 3,000 Certified Business Strategists®, 1,000 Certified Chief-of-Staffs™, and 4,000 Certified Concierge Professionals™ to replicate Gordon’s challenge solving capabilities and carry them forward to future generations.
  • Under the brand name Relight America – Establish Socially Conscious Capitalism, or as Gordon calls it “ScCapitalism”, as the worldwide replacement for raw or even regulated Capitalism.

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A Sixty-Year Journey
What is it about Gordon’s lifelong journey that has positioned him to undertake these missions?

Gordon grew up in a family of retail business owners going back several generations on both his mother’s and father’s sides of the family. Dinner table conversation throughout his youth prepared him for the business world. When he was 15 years old, he began sweeping floors and other maintenance functions in one of his father’s floor covering stores. By age 16 he was selling carpeting and tile and by age 17 became the evening manager of that location.

By the time he left home to attend college in 1962, he had already engaged in a number of entrepreneurial efforts that yielded him his own muscle car, high powered speedboat and first year’s college tuition including room and board at Boston University.

Gordon developed two new companies while attending college that paid all of his remaining college and lifestyle expenses with a surplus. One was a modelling agency providing attractive college co-eds for fashion shows at women’s apparel boutiques. The other was a taxicab rental that Gordon drove on a night shift taking him from the mansions of Chestnut Hill to the seamy underbelly of Boston’s “Combat Zone” to the violent and crime ridden back alleys of Roxbury. In addition to an abundance of spending cash, one business provided Gordon with an incredible social life while the other provided an unvarnished insight into the harsh realities of urban life.

In 1967, after receiving his formal training in Economics and Finance at Boston University, Gordon moved to California and became a multimillion dollar producing insurance agent with Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. Less than three years later, he parlayed his experience and contacts into becoming manager for the West Los Angeles office of Home Life Insurance Company of New York. Less than two years later, he started and managed his own top producing independent insurance agency. The secret to Gordon’s rapid rise in the life insurance industry was rooted in the in the “Go-Go” days of Wall Street. He partnered with investment banking companies to insure the lives of the majority shareholders and management teams of the companies they were taking public during the hot new issues market of the late 60’s.

Concurrently, Gordon foresaw the coming of an integrated financial services industry. He pioneered the Financial Department Store Concept as cofounder and Vice President of Financial Congeneric Corporation, a holding company that he took public in July 1970. He became CEO in 1971. From 1969 through 1974, he engineered FCC’s acquisition of his own life insurance agency and other financial service firms ranging in activities from mutual fund sales, general insurance sales, asset leasing and finance, stock brokerage, business management and wealth management. Gordon also developed the client cross marketing strategies that dramatically increased sales of each acquired company. This was the birth of Strategic Aggregation which was yet to be named as the business model he would evolve and fine tune over the next half century.

In 1973, Gordon bought controlling interest in National Diversified Funding Corporation; a Los Angeles based private equity company. He has continuously served as CEO and Chairman of the Board since the purchase.

In 1974, Gordon expanded his horizon to encompass companies in various fields of manufacturing. This began with his leveraged buy out of Grand Prix Cycle Products followed by Elevator Products of California and Grant Machine Works. To this base, he then added National Recreation Products and the fork tube division of Wheel Specialties, Inc. Unlike the classic leveraged buy outs of the 80’s with purchases of large, inefficient public companies followed by liquidation for asset value, Gordon bought smaller owner operated companies and combined them for better purchasing power, distribution product mix and other economies of scale. It was during this period that Gordon mastered the art of leveraged buying that was to become the basis of his internationally taught business finance course, Bizar Financing.

From 1980 through the present, Gordon built his business finance course into an international phenomenon expanding distribution into forty of America’s largest cities and seventeen foreign countries. He pioneered the development of the ½ hour-long television program commercial known as an “infomercial”. His show “Getting Rich Your Way”, a TV infomercial on how to start or buy your own successful business without capital, became one of the most successful infomercials ever produced to attract people to educational events. It yielded more than 300,000 paid course participants. Years of seven figure profits were common, aided by the development of backend product and service profit centers such as a 900 number telephone Advisor Line; specialty “how to” manuals, books, and audio and video cassette tapes (which later became CD’s and then content delivered via the Internet); business acquisition and management consulting; newsletter; business and loan brokerage; specialized computer software and networking services. Revenues were further enhanced by licensing to other presenters the rights to give the courses and sell the backend products and services in cities domestic and foreign that Gordon did not have time to serve in person or where he did not speak the language. Since its introduction in 1980, Bizar Financing has resulted in deal flow to National Diversified Funding Corporation yielding more than 3,500 acquisition and merger transaction spanning 5 continents.

Gordon is currently the innovator and architect of Strategic Aggregation. He leads a team of 85 multi-discipline entrepreneurs and business professionals disbursed throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia conducting simultaneous worldwide aggregations of ten strategically defined industries. The extraordinary results are being achieved by the ability of Strategic Aggregation to solve the needs of small and mid-sized companies to: 1) gain access to needed capital, 2) develop new and better methods of marketing their primary products and services, 3) develop and exploit multiple new revenue sources from the clientele they already serve, 4) improve their supply chain with enhanced global sourcing, 5) expand their purchasing power to drive down costs, and 6) utilize office and business automation to increase efficiency. These capabilities enable companies struggling for survival to thrive in today’s fast evolving information-based global economy.

Gordon’s response to the 2007-2008 worldwide Financial Meltdown was classic Bizar… get information into the hands of business owners they need to overcome the challenge. Within weeks of the market collapse, Gordon invented Relight America™. This project rapidly brought together several dozen of America’s leading business experts to help companies survive and then thrive through those tough economic times. Relight America™ used the advanced communication technologies of the internet to train and support companies through their challenges to increase sales, cut costs, and get financing for their survival or growth.

A veteran of thousands of seminar presentations and personal appearances, Gordon is one of the top platform speakers for business acquisition and growth worldwide. His name is associated with some of the top names in personal and business development. Here are just some of his associations over the past decade.

  • Tony Robbins personally invited Gordon to be a featured speaker at Tony’s Platinum Partners event in South Beach, Florida.
  • Jay Abraham personally invited Gordon to be a featured speaker at Jay’s Business Summit event in Anaheim, California. In addition, Gordon and Jay joint ventured training programs focused on internal growth through sales & marketing and external growth through acquisition of competing and complimentary companies. Another Gordon-Jay JV, The Wealth Factory, also trained and consulted entrepreneurs in business growth.
  • Chris Howard personally invited Gordon to be a featured speaker at two of Chris’s Billionaire Boot Camps, one held in Rio de Janeiro and the other in Belize.
  • Chet Holmes teamed up with Gordon to market Gordon’s Global Aggregation Corporation.
  • In Gordon’s Relight America™ Campaign, Gordon shared his web-based platform to feature other top business experts to his audience of more than 6,000 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Some familiar names include John Assaraf, Lisa Lang, Marcia Weider, Gary Ryan Blair and Paul Lemberg.
  • Doria (DC) Cordova, PhD (Hon.), CEO personally invited Gordon to be a featured speaker at her Global Excellerated Business School® event in Phuket, Thailand.

Gordon’s Efforts for the Benefit of Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
Along the way Gordon has taken time to engage in other projects that serve to increase the ability of small business owners to succeed. In 1978, he organized the Beverly Hills business community to fight a 2000% increase in their Business License Tax prompted by that city’s property tax revenue losses from Prop.13. Gordon, with help from Howard Jarvis, raised the several hundred thousand dollars needed for that effort. From 1980 to 1983, Gordon raised more than $6,000,000 for the National Institute of Business Achievement, a non profit corporation that he founded in 1980 to help train entrepreneurs.

Gordon has also been Chairman of the California Task Force on Taxation and Regulation of Small Business under the Brown administration. He has been a visiting lecturer to Pepperdine University’s MBA Program, and a guest speaker at numerous conventions conferences and symposiums worldwide. He is continually sought after as a consultant by businesses large and small and government agencies such as NASA for their role in the establishment of the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC). He has appeared on more than 120 radio and television news and talk shows such as the Today Show on NBC. Gordon and his activities have also been the subject of feature articles in more than 25 of the nation’s leading newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Gordon also hosted his own nationally syndicated daily show on BizTalk Radio.

In 1991, Gordon founded BetterAmerica, a 501(c)(4) non profit Civic League with the mission to increase citizen participation in government, replace professionals with citizen politicians, replace special interest funding of elections with funding from a candidate’s local constituency and develop local and national leadership that will solve our nation’s problems by enabling cooperation and partnership as an alternative to polarization and debate.

Other non profit organizations founded by Gordon Bizar are:
National Independent Business Alliance, 1978, a 501(c)(6) Business League with a mission to look out for the interests of small business. This organization successfully sponsored legislation that reduced the tax and regulatory burdens on small business. It also succeeded in litigation that prevented local California governments from recapturing their Prop.13 revenue losses through new taxes on local businesses.

International Business Network, 1980, a 501(c)(6) Business League to encourage the linking of small businesses worldwide to solve mutual problems and distribute educational products and services geared toward promoting entrepreneurship.

National Institute for Business Achievement, 1980, a 501(c)(3) Educational Foundation to research and develop educational materials to promote entrepreneurship.

While Gordon Bizar was not a founder of the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC), established in 1989, his consultancy role with NASA was instrumental in shaping the Center’s outreach strategies. His work focused on enabling entrepreneurs and small businesses to access and utilize NASA’s technology for developing new products.

Gordon’s hallmarks are vision, innovation and leadership. These, combined with his talent for creating effective organizations, make him an important member of any leadership team.

Educational and Training Highlights – As Student

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company course for obtaining Life and Disability Agents License 1962.

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company course for Basic Sales Training for Life Insurance 1962.

Training Course for General Insurance Brokers License 1964.

Boston University 4 years, majors in Economics and Finance, AB Degree 1965, BS Degree 1967.

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company course for Advanced Sales Training for Life Insurance 1967.

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company courses for Basic and Advanced Estate Planning 1967. These courses convey detailed and in depth information on Income and Estate Tax consequences and methods of legal tax avoidance as well as uses of various life insurance and annuity products to produce these ends. They also included use of various trusts and charitable gift programs. Also included were sources and methods to research tax laws and current case rulings.

International Business Machine (IBM) courses for computer programming using Basic and use of remote timesharing terminals. These courses were taken in 1968.

Home Life Insurance Company of New York course on Financial Planning 1969. Course included how to analyze family needs for; retirement income, emergency reserves, cash and income at the death of the bread winner or spouse and then determine which mix of investment products (securities, cash value or term life insurance, bank savings, etc.) were appropriate given the goals and the income of the client.

Home Life Insurance Company of New York course on Agency Management 1969. Course included management skills and knowledge necessary to run a branch office for the company, including how to hire, train and sustain sales and office personnel.

Home Life Insurance Company of New York courses on Pension, Profit Sharing, Keogh, and ESOT including their tax ramifications and how to use them to reduce client tax obligations. These courses were taken during 1969 and 1970.

Conference on Taking Your Company Public. Topics included accounting, choosing an underwriter, the various types of public offerings (Reg. A, S1 and S2), legal liabilities to investors, necessary disclosures, risks vs. benefits, compliance with; various federal investment acts, state “blue sky” laws, the SEC, Secretary of State, Department of Corporations, State Attorney Generals and other federal and state regulatory agencies. This training was attended during 1969.

Course for NASD securities financial principal’s license, 1970.

From 1967 to 1973, attended several conferences each year sponsored by the Insurance Industry and the Securities Industry to update knowledge and skills and keep abreast of changes in marketing methods and tools, new products and changes in tax and securities laws and regulations.

From 1974 through 1978, attended 1 to 2 conferences each year sponsored by various manufacturing and other business associations. These conferences dealt with topics ranging from manufacturing methods and techniques, cost control, accounting, sales and marketing, quality control, personnel ¬hiring and firing, workman’s compensation, compliance with various government regulatory agencies (such as OSHA, CALOSHA, EPA, etc.), product liability insurance, financing methods and sources and other topics necessary to operate a small to mid size manufacturing firm.

Time Management seminar, sponsored by The Time Bank. Topics included methods for organizing information and one’s time to be more effective at accomplishing tasks. Also supplied were advance planning tools such as To Do sheets, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Five Year Planners. Other tool incorporated ways of organizing information regarding clients, tasks, and events. This seminar was attended in 1978.

Personal Effectiveness Training, sponsored by PSI World including their Four Day Basic Training and Five Day Advanced Training. The focus of these training’s is understanding yourself, your place in the grand scheme of things, learning who you are and what your capable of, learning how to clear internal and external obstacles, developing and achieving goals, creating mental focus and techniques for improving memory and creating inner calm during periods of stress and how to develop and accomplish a life vision. Both of these training were attended during 1979.

2-day Internet Conference sponsored by Guthy-Renker. Topics included an overview of the Internet, an in-depth view of the World Wide Web, how it works, how to establish a website, orientation to available design software, marketing through a website, sampling of the various types of sites, definitions of technical terms, usage and growth statistics and sources of Internet service providers and other Internet services. This conference was attended in 1995.

The Inaugural Forum on Music and Motion Picture Revenues & Royalties Securitization presented by Frank J. Fabozzi / Information Management Network. Topics included and overview of asset-backed securities as they pertain to the entertainment industry, how to structure the deal, securitization mechanics, function of the rating agency, use of credit enhancements, tax & estate planning issues, accounting treatments and other securitization issues.

Educational and Training Highlights – As Presenter

Guest lecturer for course on Business Structure and Strategy Sponsored by Pepperdine University MBA Program under Professor Melvin E. Salveson, Ph.D. in Los Angeles, 1971. Lecture topics were; Techniques of Corporate Acquisition and Tax Consequences of Business Acquisitions.

Marketing for the ‘80’s, full day conference sponsored by the International Business Network in Los Angeles in 1979. Along with 26 other speakers, each representing a different marketing discipline, covered every aspect of marketing products and services, with a focus on the demographic and buying pattern changes that would differentiate the ‘80s from the ‘70s.

From 1980 through 1996, presented more than 700 seminars sponsored by the National Institute for Business Achievement on methods and strategies for Starting and Buying Businesses. These events were held throughout the following metropolitan areas (order by size rank of US market):

Size     Metropolitan
Rank     Area

1          New York
2          Los Angeles
3          Chicago
4          Washington, DC
5          San Francisco Bay
6          Boston
7          Philadelphia
8          Dallas-Fort Worth
9          Miami
10        Houston
11        Atlanta
13        Seattle-Tacoma
14        Phoenix-Scottsdale
15        Minneapolis- St. Paul
17        Denver
18        San Diego
19        Portland
20        Orlando
21        St. Louis
24       Sacramento
26       Kansas City
38       San Antonio
54       Rochester
56       Albuquerque
64       Honolulu

From 1980 through 1996, presented more than 150 full weekend conferences sponsored by the International Business Network on how to use financial leverage in business. These events were held in the same cities listed above.

From 1981 through 1984, presented more than 70 workshops sponsored by the National Institute for Business Achievement on such topics as small business finance, cash management, turnaround management, marketing and management. These events were held in Los Angeles. Instructors from the cities listed above, attended these events as part of their training to present them in their home city.

It was from this hands-on audience interaction that Gordon created the Audience Receptivity Profile that enable him to map the social traits and preferences unique to people in a specific geographical locations. By mapping how audiences differed from city to city, and identifying other traits common to all audiences, Gordon was able to alter his content and style of delivery to achieve higher and higher levels of receptivity in his audience and in the audiences of instructors and other speakers who he trained.

Conference on Development of High Tech Businesses, Software Valley III sponsored by US Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, attended as Featured Luncheon Speaker as well as a panelist in other sessions 1986. Re invited to participate on same basis for Software Valley VI 1987. In both cases, spoke on innovative ways to finance start up and small emerging high tech firms. Participated as panelist on other topics such as Seed and Venture Capital, Accounting and Investment Banking Tips for New High Tech Firms.

In 1991 developed and presented full day conference to the members of the Black Business Association of Los Angeles with emphasis on minority entry into businesses ownership and financing strategies tailored to the unique needs of minority business owners.

In 1998 developed and presented a series of 4-hour training programs for accountants, business managers and attorneys demonstrating advanced cash management and estate planning techniques using securitization of cash flows from intellectual property rights to create large amounts of tax free cash for owners.

In 2007 developed and presented “Aggregation to Global Market Domination”, two-day event in Los Angeles attended by 125 handpicked successful entrepreneurs and business professionals from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Eighty-five of the attendees now work with Gordon in the aggregation of 10 strategic industries.

In 2006 Gordon began exploiting both internet and phone technology to conduct Webinars (seminar training courses and educational events utilizing internet and phone systems). Utilizing these technologies, Gordon currently conducts 2 – 1½ hour Webinars per week to audiences ranging in size from 50 to 800 participants worldwide. These events have the side benefit of developing both the deal flow and qualified personnel required to aggressively feed and propel the 10 industry aggregations to their goal of global market domination.

Bizar’s first post-2008 Financial Meltdown project was Relight America™. To help revitalize the economy, Gordon assembled two dozen of the greatest business minds of the 21st Century to deliver a ten-week series of webinars. These training events help business owners take immediate control of their financial future and kick start our lagging economy. Each week topics focus on knowledge and resources that can help businesses increase sales, decrease costs and get the financing they need to grow.

One of Gordon’ recent speaking engagements in Sydney Australia is available on the National Diversified website. His topics were “The Eleven Most Important Things that I Learned during a Half Century in Business” and “Quantum Growth through Business Acquisition – Leverage the Assets & Cash Flow of a Business to Fully Pay for its Acquisition.”

Professional Licensees Held

Life and Disability Insurance Agent’s License, New York State. Effective 1962 until moved to California 1967. Not renewed because business and residence moved to California.

General Insurance Broker’s License, New York State. Effective 1964 to 1967. Not renewed because business and residence moved to California.

Life and Disability Insurance Agent’s License, California. Effective 1967 to 1990. Not renewed because no longer active in roles requiring the license.

NASD Securities Broker, Licensed Financial Principal, California. Effective 1970 through 1976. Not renewed because no longer active in roles requiring the license.

Fame and Fortune without Infamy
It is rare that someone with the depth and breadth of Gordon’s background reaches such a high level of achievement with the virtual absence of negative business life episodes. Yet Gordon has done it. He attributes this to his passion to help entrepreneurs succeed, his commitment to provide superior value with every transaction, a value system that demands integrity from himself and his organization and which embraces empathy for others.

To learn more about Gordon, just enter “Gordon Bizar” in a Google, Bing, Yahoo, Linkedin, Facebook, or YouTube search box or in the search box of any other internet search engine.

Summary by the Decade

Gordon has played a pioneering and leadership role in virtually all of the major business movements and trends of the last 6 decades, each positioning him for leadership in the next.

2020’s – Rescuing Small Businesses from the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Assisting small business owners nationwide file for and obtain EIDL and PPP survival financing. Organizing entrepreneurs into teams and mustering financing resources capable of fully supporting the comeback of cash starved small businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

ZKAYL™, organizes and automates the processes required to scale a business for rapid growth and deploys Gordon’s innovate technology and Strategic Aggregation business model to disrupt the B2B marketplace. This technology-facilitated business platform automates collaboration among multiple business entities that can function as if they were one fully integrated entity seamlessly cross-marketing their clients, sharing revenue, and integrating their service offerings for greater revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

2010’s – Disruptive Business Models – Strategic Aggregation and Ecosystems
Pioneering Strategic Aggregation as a disruptive business model into three major fields. Strategic Aggregation provides automated cross-marketing of companies that serve an alike clientele, organized around a common marketing them where the customers of each rapidly become the customers of most of the others.

Billionaire Lifestyles Society™  acquires family offices as a base to cross-market strategically aggregated providers of products and service dedicated to high income, high net worth individuals and families.

Accountant Partnering System™  acquires CPA firms as a base to cross-market strategically aggregated providers of growth and facilitation products and services to businesses and their owners.

FACCT (an acronym for Facilities Acquisition and Capital Creation Transaction) purchases vacant big box stores and office towers, repurposes them exclusively for select strategically aggregated tenants who provide different products and services to a common type of clientele and cross-markets the customers of each one to another. These facilities convert an underperforming underprivileged neighborhood eyesore into a thriving Prosperity Center.

2000’s – Personal Development and Business Recovery after the 2007 Financial Melt Down
Emerged as one of the top platform speakers for business acquisition and growth internationally. During this period Gordon teamed up with some of the top names in personal and business development including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Chris Howard, Chet Holmes and many other thought leaders.

In Gordon’s Relight America Campaign Gordon shared his web based platform to feature other top business experts to his audience of more than 7,000 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Some familiar names include John Assaraf, Dr. Lisa Lang, Marcia Weider, Gary Ryan Blair and Paul Lemberg.

1990’s – Participation TV, the Internet, and Securitization of Music Royalties
Pioneered Participation TV with the production of the TV show Solutions USA. The show focused on common challenges faced by viewers and connected them to solutions using phone touch tones and Internet connected PC’s as the return communication paths. Viewers could change the trajectory of the show and be part of creating their own solutions as well as solutions for others.

Pioneered the Internet by using TV to drive early Internet traffic and create online communities who shared common goals and a common purpose. Led the use of the Internet for online interactive training programs and the creation of digital content for worldwide distribution.

Pioneered the use of online webinars as a selling and delivery vehicle for information products worldwide.

Partnered with Kerry Gordy securing a half billion dollar credit facility with Lehman Brothers for the securitization of music publishing rights for Kerry’s connections from Motown and Warner Bros.

1980’s – Infomercials, Personal Development, and Technology Transfer
Pioneered the development of the ½ hour-long television program commercial known as an “infomercial” producing the most successful TV infomercials ever to attract people to educational events. “Getting Rich Your Way” played almost unchanged from 1983 to 1990 resulting in more than 350,000 students in the US and Canada for Gordon’s Business Finance Course – Bizar Financing. Getting Rich Your Way was one of the first infomercials to be accepted by major city independent TV stations and was the first to be accepted on ABC, NBC and CBS owned and operated stations. Segments of the original infomercial are still seen online today and continue to attract entrepreneurs to enroll in Bizar Financing Essentials and Bizar Financing Pro.

Bizar Financing is widely credited with popularizing LBO’s bringing business acquisition within the grasp of ordinary people.

Pioneered the seminar as the preeminent method for the sale and delivery of educational content.

Built the number one entrepreneur training company worldwide as part of the self-improvement movement of the 1980’s. Gordon took his experience as a leader in the Leverage Buyout Boom of the 1970’s and parlayed that into a course which first taught what he did and how he did it. The course then evolved to incorporate the successful adaptations created by and for his graduate base including the various methods they used to build their companies. Today, through 43 years of continual interaction with and support of his graduate base, Bizar Financing is arguably the state-of-the-art for buying or building a business using financial leverage. But it goes further. It is now a leader in the development of new disruptive business models enabling graduates to rapidly dominate their marketspace.

Gordon Bizar’s significant role in establishing the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) should also be emphasized. This center plays a crucial part in transferring technology developed by government agencies, including NASA and DARPA, to the public domain, aiding in the practical application of these innovations.

1970’s – Leverage Buyout Boom and Recognition of Branding as a Key to Marketing
Built an aftermarket motorcycle parts manufacturing giant with leveraged-buyouts of Grand Prix Cycle Products, National Recreation Products and the fork tube division of Wheel Specialties, Inc. combining them for better purchasing power, distribution, product mix and other economies of scale. Also purchased Elevator Products of California, Grant Machine Works, among others innovating the double escrow technique using the assets and the cash flow of the companies to create all of the cash required for their purchase.

Gordon’s branding and packaging innovations led the way for aftermarket motorcycle parts to be sold from a retail display rack instead pulled by a sales clerk from backroom storage shelves and sold over the counter virtually as a commodity.

Bought controlling interest in National Diversified Funding Corporation; a Los Angeles based private equity investment company. Gordon has since built NDFC into one of America’s largest and most profitable private finance companies backing entrepreneurs on five continents. Today, Gordon and his partners dominate the field of leverage buyouts of privately owned US companies is the annual sales range of $7 to $60 million.

As a leader in the California Tax Payer Revolt, in 1978 Gordon organized the Beverly Hills business community to fight a 2000% increase in their Business License Tax prompted by that city’s property tax revenue losses from Prop.13. Gordon, with help from Howard Jarvis, raised the several hundred thousand dollars needed for that effort.

Late 1960’s – Integration of Financial Services
Partnered with investment banking companies to insure the lives of the majority shareholders and management teams of the companies they were taking public during the hot new issues market of the “Go-Go” days on Wall Street.

Built one of the highest commission earning life insurance agencies in the US for Connecticut Mutual Life (which merged with Mass Mutual in 1996).

Inventor of the Financial Planner as a separate service to orchestrate client tax planning with the purchases of life insurance, mutual funds and real estate in accordance with clients’ goals and available resources. This led the industry from a single salesperson pushing a single product to professional planners triple licensed in securities, life insurance and real estate to educate the client who then pulled the recommended products that would best accomplish their goals. His success resulted in an invitation to a meeting in 1969 with industry leaders at a hotel near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. This meeting was pivotal in establishing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional designation and industry credential.

Built Financial Congeneric Corporation (FCC) as a provider of CFPs as sales professionals of integrated financial services and products. FCC acquired securities firms, mutual fund sales organizations, investment real estate sales companies, life insurance sales agencies, finance companies and others to facilitate the delivery of these products and services to FCC clients. With this company, Gordon invented and pioneered the disruptive business model now known as Strategic Aggregation.

Took FCC public in 1971.

Sold controlling interest of FCC in 1973 to the owners of Jefferson National Life Insurance Company which was acquired by Nationwide in March of 2017.

Throughout these Six Decades
Gordon’s unique expertise and success track record has led to his appearances on NBC’s Today Show and PBS’s Late Night America along with segments on more than 120 other television and radio news and talk shows. He has been featured in articles in more than 25 of the nation’s leading newspapers including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun Times, Houston Chronical, Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and Christian Science Monitor.

Gordon also served as Chairman of the California Task Force on Taxation and Regulation of Small Business during the first Brown administration and has been sought after as a consultant by businesses large and small and government agencies such as NASA for their role in the creation of the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC).

Personal Preferences and Lifestyle

Gordon lives a modest lifestyle in Southern California with his wife of 40 years who prefers privacy rather than the highlife. Gordon is happiest when actively pursuing his passion for helping young entrepreneurs succeed. One of his least known quotes is “Ownership is overrated. The question becomes what owns who?” Gordon found that his properties owned him. The more he owned the more his time became consumed with its needs and maintenance. Gordon has since divested himself of most real property and nonessential personal property. He rents whatever he wants when he wants it. Then, leaves the headaches to owners.

“The real value of a life well lived resides in the prosperity of those who benefited from your service.” – Gordon Bizar 1944 –

Gordon Bizar’s life value is measure by the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs he has personally trained and supported globally. The businesses that they have built provide goods, services and employment to their communities which form the underpinning of Gordon’s legacy, impacting millions of people worldwide.

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