Gerald Scotvold

Gerald Scotvold is a committed innovator and Operational Director who has been managing contracts and performing strategic consultation for the Alberta Public Sector for over 15 years. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta and a Masters Certificate of Project Management from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Gerald has developed the unique ability to balance the dynamics of organizational culture and market relationships with the capabilities and track record to produce immediate and tangible results.

Gerald has been directly responsible for contracts totaling over $100 million, in addition to being retained by the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Government of Alberta to address and transform contracting practices affecting $700 million annually.

Gerald’s expertise covers the areas of:

  • Operational analysis and process optimization
  • Organizational and interpersonal communication
  • Influence strategies and methods for change management
  • Education based sales and marketing

Recognized for developing and maintaining partnerships and ongoing collaborative relationships, in addition to his continual passion for pursuing cutting edge advancements in business improvement and development, Gerald is responsible for development and expansion of NDFC Canada.

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