sameMost accounting firms now recognize the need to differentiate themselves in a marketplace where competing accounting firms are perceived as essentially the same. The most effective way for an accounting practice to establish its preeminence is by offering additional services that help clients grow revenue, shrink costs, improve cash flow and facilitate financing.

Big 4 and other large national CPA firms have the capital and scale to offer these types of business growth & profit enhancement services to their clients. This gives them a distinct advantage. It enables them to out-compete smaller firms for lucrative growth oriented small and mid-size business clients.

NDFC is your growth partner providing local and regional accounting firms with a turnkey menu of top quality service offerings and the capital that enable you to not only out-compete your peers, but go head-to-head with major firms and win.

Then we take it a step further. We assist our accounting firm partners to acquire other practices using our capital. We also serve as a marketing arm helping them build up their client list of growth oriented companies. Our mission is to help build our partnering accounting firms into a leadership role in their respective market areas.

If you are a local or regional accounting firm, here is why you should consider a partnering arrangement with NDFC.

First ask yourself these question:

What is it about your services that attract clients away from other established accounting practices?

What if you had a client magnet so powerful that your firm could double its fee income within a dozen or so months instead of a dozen years?

Could you benefit from:
  • More Clients – engaged by our practice development team
  • Upgrading of Your Clientele – into larger accounts with higher fees
  • More Per Client Income – from added high-margin client services
client magnet
  • Expansion of Your Accounting Firm – into lucrative business merger & acquisition support services

What if your firm had its own in-house Private Equity Firm and Mergers & Acquisition Arm?

Which exclusively provided your clients…

  • Growth Capital – Immediate access to the cash and other resources they need
  • Acquisitions – the ability to buy other companies using our capital to fund the purchase
    • Competitor Acquisitions – for increased market share or even dominance of their marketspace
    • Complimentary Product or Service Company Acquisitions – for increase front-end and back-end revenue streams and increased core business sales through cross-promotion
    • Supplier Acquisitions – for increased margins and more control over quality and delivery time
  • Enhanced Exit Options – the ability to optimize the value of their company on sale with a guaranteed buyer at the time they want to retire
  • Succession Planning & Funding – for retaining their company in their family in the face of high estate taxes

What if – in addition – your firm had its own in-house Business Growth and Development Arm?

What if you could add to your exclusive client offerings…

  • Increased Sales – Additional sales channels for clients’ primary products and services


  • New Passive Revenues – Added profit from automated sales of related product and service
  • Cost Reduction – Reduce by another 3% to 7% their overall costs of doing business
  • Cash Flow Enhancement – faster collection of accounts receivable… better payment terms from suppliers… more flexible credit arrangements
  • Increased Scalability – office automation and integrated software systems… better employee training programs… improved structure and standardization of process
  • Much, much more…

Choose only the services from our complete menu that you want to add to the service offerings you may already provide. Or, offer your clients a full array of holistic integrated business solutions as an alternative to the hodgepodge of services they typically cobble together from disparate bits and pieces. Turn your practice into a platform for client success.

Can you see how your firm could quickly rise to a preeminent status in your market area?

For more information on how NDFC and its Accountant Partnering System can help build your accounting practice, or to see if NDFC has availability in your market area, contact your nearest NDFC office using the Contact page on this website.

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