Jim Jetson

JudsonHeadUpperChestIf you want to increase the value of your company on sale, most buyers are going to want to know your numbers. One of the first things they will ask for is a copy of your financial statements.

If you want to grow your business and make wise decisions, understanding your numbers and how to translate them into needed operational changes is an essential for maximizing your bottom line.

When it comes to advanced tax saving strategies, working the math through the taxing authorities’ rules is essential.

What you need is a mathematics whiz who understands business, accounting and taxation. Who you need is Jim Jetson.

Jim has exactly the right background and innate abilities to make that critical difference. To Jim’s 10 year experience building his own successful education and training business, just add:

  • Manager – Ernst & Young – Mergers & Acquisitions and Tax Compliance
  • Financial and Tax Programmer – Equitable Financial Services
  • Actuary – NY Life Insurance Tax Compliance Department
  • Graduate – Columbia Graduate School
  • Mathematics and Science Teacher
  • Graduate – Navy Nuclear Power School
  • Graduate – Navy Advanced Electronics School

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