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Testimonial - One business I acquired for 11 million bucks... and the products we created as a result of that acquisition, turned into a$180 million a year revenue stream... and just thanks for the opportunity of just thinking bigger. - D. Swanson

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Cash-on-cash investment of $2.5M, 100% ROI in 2 yrs. backed by rapid growth, high cash flow eCommerce companies with revenues over $10M/yr. at 32% EBITDA. Contact us.

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Would you like to acquire competitors, suppliers, distributors, complementary product and service lines... on our dime? Contact us.

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Is your background in M&A or Corporate Finance? Have you completed transactions with a major investment banking firm? Would you like to earn significantly more income & equity share? Contact us.

  • NDFC is the preeminent private equity firm worldwide providing managed resources to acquire and expand privately owned companies. NDFC spearheads the development of a [...]
  • Each NDFC division is a brand name recognized within its industry as an innovator and leader in its field. Each brand produces a series of solution services that can stand [...]
  • Any company is only as good as its people. NDFC is no different. Our core staff is committed to excellence in coordinating the efforts of teams of high achievers assembled to [...]