Recent Projects

• eCommerce – Acquisition of high profit, high cash flow, rapid growth nutritional supplement and beauty product companies

SupplementsA well-positioned, well managed company utilizing merchandising platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Groupon & eBay can be highly profitable. Their business model is to outsource virtually every business function except initiation of new and additional products. They are cash flow machines with virtually no assets. This works well for the entrepreneur until its time to sell.

Why NDFC? Typical sources of acquisition financing look for security with a lien on beautymachinery, equipment, accounts receivable, and inventory. These companies have little or none of these assets. With purchase prices ranging from 4 to 5 times EBITDA, millions of dollars needs to be raised to fund the purchase with traditional lenders absent from the field.

real estateNDFC is coupling the purchase of these companies together with high asset value real estate in an innovative manner that can satisfy traditional lending requirements. With this transaction in the pipeline, our innovative approach allows NDFC to facilitate transactions that have eluded most other potential buyers.

• Currency Exchange – Australian FX company acquisition of Lebanese FX company

currency-exchange1Why NDFC? FX is a regulated industry and companies that trade client funds have to exceed minimum net capital requirements. When one company acquires another, the value of the acquired company will not show on the acquiring company’s balance sheet as a qualifying asset. Yet all the debt they incur as part of the acquisition shows as a liability. This can put the acquiring company below their minimum net capital requirements and out of business. NDFC provided the off balance sheet structuring solution to these regulatory restrictions that made it possible to use borrowed money and a seller’s note to fund the acquisition.

• Technology Product Distribution – $60 million financing for management buyout of $360 million technology product distribution company

TechnologyProducts2Why NDFC? Providing the capital and transaction structure so that the management team put up no cash, incurred no personal liability while getting 65% equity ownership. Even the due diligence costs of accountants and attorneys were done on barter for no upfront cost.

• Helicopter Transportation – Structuring, negotiating and financing two rollups of helicopter operations companies in different regions of the US

HeliskiEach base company has two acquisitions in the pipeline which have agreed to the valuations, terms and conditions. The funding source has issued their $17.5 million term sheet on one and the other is pending. Both rollups own and lease helicopters and have contracts with government and the private sector Helifirefightto provide services ranging from firefighting, mail & freight delivery, logging, tourism, point-to-point transportation, moviemaking… even construction.

HeliHawaiiWhy NDFC? NDFC has the breadth of experience to quickly understand the nuances of virtually any industry and quickly assemble the right players and structure for successful acquisitions including their integration into the operations of the acquiring company.

• Accounting Practices – Merger of CPA firms and their aggregation with business growth services

CPAPracticeWaitingRoomArranged $30 million credit facility for first several mergers currently in the pipeline with hundreds of millions more dollars waiting on the sidelines.
Why NDFC? NDFC structured an ability for non-CPA investors to own and operate CPA firms even where state law denies such ownership and operations to non-CPA’s. This permits accounting firms to partner with providers of growth capital to bring needed expansion services to their clients.

• Medical Devices – Consulting/Mentoring Agreement with German doctor and entrepreneur-owner of patented medical device company

NDFC is assisting in building worldwide distribution for client’s devices via licensing agreements.

Pediatric ICU with ECG monitorWhy NDFC? NDFC totally restructured client’s companies for asset-protection eliminating both his company’s and his personal exposure to product or medical liability claims and immunity from potential lawsuits. Part of restructure transferred significant value of company to his children with no gift, inheritance or estate tax. Structure also enables worldwide earnings with little or no income taxes.

• Nursing Homes – Acquisition of London based residential nursing care company

nursing home 2The acquisition of the nursing home company complete, a second company 5 times as large is now in the pipeline with plans for a roll-up of other nursing homes underway across the UK.
Why NDFC? The acquisition of a nursing care facility generally requires the purchase of both the operating business and the real estate facility out of which it operates. Even if the seller is willing to take back a portion of the purchase price in a note, lenders require that the buyer prove funds for and actually pay an amount to the seller equal to at least 20% of the combined purchase price. NDFC provided the buyer with means to complete the purchase without having to put up any of the purchase price from their own funds.

• Beauty Professional Training and Product Distribution – Acquired 25% equity interest in beauty industry salon owner and staff training company

BrowArtistsCompany also distributes beauty products associated with their niche specialty.
Why NDFC? NDFC provides current management with experience, guidance, contacts and vital resources which NDFC has used to build its own training and product distribution companies.

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