What does your business need to excel? Do you have the full spectrum of resources to move your company to the next level? Are you struggling to build piecemeal and just can’t get all the pieces working together effectively? When the time comes to retire, will you realize the full value of your life’s work? How about after taxes? Have you ever wished you had the perfect partner who could deliver the world to you on a silver platter?

We can help. National Diversified’s branded services are uniquely positioned to fulfill the full spectrum of a business owner’s needs from acquiring and building a thriving company to exiting with a high after-tax selling price.

NDFC’s brands are recognized leaders in their respective fields. They also cooperate with each other through an integrated system that allows client companies to achieve exceptional growth and profits. What they all have in common is leading edge innovation that enables clients to vastly outpace their competition. Proudly we provide our clientele with the resources to literally own their competition. We also provide the exit methods that insure the owner’s financial security and desired lifestyle after retirement.

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Start, Buy or Expand Any Business with Little or No Cash of Your Own.
Bizar Financing is the preeminent global provider of financial leverage know-how and support to entrepreneurs. Our graduates’ acquisitions are valued in the billions of dollars.
Quadruple Your Sales with a Pen Stroke.
ConnectPointe is a marketing hub that connects companies serving similar customers with cross-marketing machinery that multiplies each company’s sales through the customer base of participating companies.


Move Beyond the Web… Go Mobile.
ND Web Services aggregates premier providers of web & mobile services offering them at affordable prices ala carte, in cost saving bundles or as a coordinated whole to produce seamless high quality end-to-end eCommerce results.

MERIT Citrix
Multiply the Cash in Your Bank Account or Pay Nothing.
MERIT System increases a company’s sales, reduces costs, increases cash flow, raises capital & reduces or eliminates taxes. Clients pay only a portion of the increased cash after it hits their bank account.
Sell Your Company for More Than It’s Worth.
Build to Exit trains and coaches owners through succession planning and the restructuring needed to achieve a high value on sale. It also plays an active role in delivering the buyer.
Your Turnkey Acquisition Team.
Partners in Business Acquisition is Bizar Financing on Steroids. For those who want the world on a silver platter, PIBA is your ideal acquisition partner providing strategy & structure, managing negotiations, supplying capital, and handling deal closing.
APS Logo White BackgroundYour 21st Century CPA Growth Partner.
Accountant Partnering Systems supplies capital, systems & talent to help CPA firms and their clients grow. Small and midsize businesses have been underserved for decades, struggling for capital & other growth resources. Now their CPA firm can supply their clients with the resources they deserve where costs are paid from results. Services are provided by NDFC’s strategically aggregated partnering businesses selected for their stellar track records for competency and quality service.
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Your Key to Wealth Creation, Preservation & Enjoyment.
Billionaire Lifestyles starts with a family office providing wealth management, financial & tax planning, asset protection and management helping create and preserve multi generational wealth for its clients. A highly trained Certified Concierge ProfessionalTM is a single point of initial contact assuring every family member’s needs are provide easily and cost efficiently from NDFC’s rigorously vetted partnering businesses.
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Turning Blighted Communities into Prosperity Centers.
As eCommerce thrives, abandoned “Big Box Stores” abound. They remain vacant, deteriorate and become a blight on the community. Relight America buys these properties and re-purposes the structure into thriving community centers. Tenants are selected by their ability to provide the elements of the building’s theme: The empowerment of each community member with the knowledge, training, connectivity & resources they need to prosper.

Diane-Hamilton-SpeakingListen to Gordon Bizar’s recent interview on Take the Lead Radio with Dr. Diane Hamilton. Gordon reveals some of his secrets on leveraging a company’s assets and cash flow to create all the cash necessary to buy the company.