Any company is only as good as its people. NDFC is no different. Our core staff is committed to excellence in coordinating the efforts of teams of high achievers assembled to meet the individual needs of each client for each assignment. Our method of assembling an action team of entrepreneurs and professionals on a project-by-project basis, allows us to bring together world class talent where and when it’s needed.

Gordon Bizar
Gordon Bizar, CEO – Los Angeles

Gordon is an internationally acclaimed visionary, innovator and entrepreneur with a 50-year success track record. During this extensive period, through the best and worst of times, he bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. Battle hardened and tempered, Gordon is uniquely qualified to structure and guide businesses through the toughest to the most vibrant economic conditions. [More about Gordon]

Bryan Santos – Sydney

Bryan is chief of operations for Oceania. He is a multi-business owner who has coached and advised owners and executives of hundreds of businesses over the years. His clients have ranged in size from small entrepreneurial companies to multimillion dollar turnover organization in dozens of industries. [More about Bryan]

Jim Jetson – New York

If you want to grow your business and make wise decisions, understanding your numbers and how to translate them into needed operational changes is an essential for maximizing your bottom line. When it comes to advanced tax saving strategies, working the math through the taxing authorities’ rules is essential. What you need is a mathematics whiz who understands business, accounting and taxation. Who you need is Jim Jetson. [More about Jim]

Sarah-Beth Cleaves
Sarah-Beth Cleaves – Sydney

Ask business owners what they most want to achieve within their business. The three responses heard most often are; “free up my time”, “increase my sales” and “reduce my costs.” The solutions usually reside in the way the business is structured, including its systems and culture. Sarah-Beth’s experience, core competencies and skill sets are uniquely suited to provide these solutions. [More about Sarah-Beth]

Fabian Executive Photo 1
Fabian Harris – Chicago

Over 25 years of experience providing executive strategic management and consulting to small businesses. Trained in marketing by world renowned experts… Mentored by world renowned acquisition and merger experts… Honed by experience, Fabian is force for business growth. [More about Fabian]

Andres Garzon – Sydney

You’re highly skilled and credentialed in your field. Yet competitors with lesser capabilities regularly edge you out. What you need is a makeover that gives your business the structure, marketing clout and management expertise to dominate your market space. Who you need is Andres Garzon. [More about Andres]

Alfred Angelo
Alfred Angelo – London

Alfred Angelo is a strategic adviser, consultant and business coach, to companies searching for innovative Sales & Marketing solutions. He is first and foremost an entrepreneur with a 21 year track record building his own successful companies. His innovative sales and marketing methods have now become staples across a wide scope of industries. [More about Alfred]

Derek Adam – Sydney

A former Naval Officer, Derek is highly qualified in both Engineering and Management. He has worked in senior consulting and management roles with some of Australia’s best known business educators and marketing minds. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, and having consulted to literally hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, Derek brings a wealth of knowledge on business development, sales strategy and revenue generation. [More about Derek]


Gerald Scotvold – Alberta

Gerald has been directly responsible for contracts totaling over $100 million, in addition to being retained by the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Government of Alberta to address and transform contracting practices affecting $700 million annually.
[More about Gerald]


Mark Eiland – Austin

Mark is a strategist, visionary and innovator with a 30 year successful business track record. During this extensive period, he worked professionally for both public and government organizations such as Bank or America, IBM and the Attorney General of Texas holding elite C-level positions. While with IBM he guided various size merger and acquisition projects from acquiring small home-grown start-ups all the way up to a $5 billion transactions. [More about Mark]

Dennis Palmer

Dennis Palmer – Long Beach

Dennis brings a wealth of in-the-trenches knowledge on business development, sales strategy and revenue generation. As a successful business owner for 15 years in the manufacturing field, Dennis has substantial insight as to what it takes to improve production, increase sales, and improve profits for small to medium size businesses. His background includes a BSME Degree from Cal Poly Univ., 5-years engineering experience in machine design, and 20 years experience as a Sales Engineer and later Regional Sales Manager for the Western 11 States for technical products sold through distributors and directly to customers. [More about Dennis]

Frank Ciarcia

Frank Ciarcia – Hartford – New Haven

Frank Ciarcia has over 40 years of “in the trenches” business experience. More than an advisor or armchair theorist, he presently owns and operates a 32 year old Connecticut metal finishing business. To succeed in this industry, Frank had to become an expert at navigating the myriad of government imposed rules and regulation promulgated by OSHA and the EPA. [More about Frank]

Jeff Pallister

Jeff Pallister – Calgary

Jeff Pallister has been a leading figure in the development of Canadian businesses in his own management consulting company since the early 1970’s. With more than 40 years in the rear view mirror, Jeff continues acquiring and improving his own businesses and those of his clients. His demonstrated strengths include scaling operations for growth, improving customer satisfaction and retention, creating high profitability and high return for investors. His insight and skills are well demonstrated by the premium price at sale which he consistently achieves. [More about Jeff]

Arthur  Robinson bust medium 2

Arthur Robinson, Jr. – Philadelphia

Arthur is the CEO of From this platform he has interviewed powerful business thought leaders from mega-mogul publisher Steve Forbes to billionaire investor Ziad Abdelnour to Jeff Hoffman billionaire co-founder of His “get to the meat” interview style has revealed the empowering secrets of entrepreneurs ranging from founders of leading technology companies to worldwide yacht merchants catering to the whims of the “uber wealthy.” [More about Arthur]

Alan Jebson
Alan Charles Jebson – London

Alan created his first fortune from scratch in 90’s London. He amassed a portfolio of properties capitalizing on the “buy to let” boom. His appetite for the exotic led him to Mediterranean shores where he developed Spanish villas and commercial property. [More about Alan]

Eliette Jackson
Elliette Jackson – Orlando

Elliette parlayed his professional football career as a linebacker for the New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals into a networking juggernaut. His athletic career gained him access to some the world’s highest level movers and shakers.

Some say, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” As a business consultant and entrepreneur in his own right, Elliette compounds both the “what” and the “who” into a business dynamo of collaborative success. [More about Elliette]

Todd in Suit Narrower
Todd Hanson – Miami

Preeminent specialist on behalf of National Diversified Funding Corporation with mergers and acquisitions and strategic aggregations of companies with annual revenues between $2 million and $100 million dollars. Industries of specialty include Assisted Living, CPA Firms, High-Value E-Commerce Websites, High-End home and commercial automation/entertainment, Film and television production companies, and companies that cater specifically to high net worth individuals such as professional athlete and celebrity wealth growth and preservation, luxury home builders, cosmetic surgery and spa services, exotic car dealerships, aviation, yachts, and country/social clubs. [More about Todd]