eCommerce Company Valuation

National Diversified Funding Corporation (NDFC) currently employs the most sophisticated and arguably the most authoritative methods and tools to evaluate the future performance of eCommerce companies.

This 1 hour video training session reveals the 29 major factors that enable NDFC to formulate an extremely reliable forecast of the next twelve months sales and EBITDA and a very reliable forecast of the second twelve months sales and EBITDA. In the rapidly changing economic and technology environment of the 21st Century, any forecasting method is limited by an inability to consider numerous imponderables not to mention business related technologies that will only be invented within that time period.

The future belongs to the facile who can move and adjust to the rapidly evolving economic landscape. NDFC has a 5 decade history as an innovating trend leader and is the current leader in the field of eCommerce company valuation.

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