private equity worldNDFC is the preeminent private equity firm worldwide providing managed resources to acquire and expand privately owned companies. NDFC spearheads the development of a strategic plan that can rapidly take even an underperforming company to a top tier player in its industry.

Led by world renowned entrepreneur Gordon Bizar, NDFC has a 50 year track record of investing throughout various sectors of multiple industries from high tech to low tech and even no tech. Our footprint is global with a physical presence in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Since our founding in 1969, we have made investments in businesses located on every continent except Antarctica.

National Diversified Funding has completed in excess of 3,500 acquisitions, raised billions of dollars for its clients with up to half a billion dollars to finance a single transaction. Our transactions have involved companies as small as $1.2 million in gross sales to companies with annual revenues in excess of $100 million.

NDFC’s team of more than forty acquisition and operational professionals has a long and successful record of investing capital and management expertise across manufacturing, distribution, retail and service sectors. Our clients represent a broad range of industries from: apparel to motorcycle parts and accessories; from financial services to elevator components; from internal combustion engines to healthcare.

Prospective client companies are evaluated for their potential and married to the resources needed to rapidly propel their growth and valuation. Such resources include the expertise and connections to expand marketing channels, increase sales, lower operating and production costs, standardize and systematize operations for scalability, bring in necessary capital and, when appropriate, provide a strategic buyer for maximum value on sale.

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