Business Model Makeover

Die, Survive or Thrive

Your choice in the age of Disruptive Technology

The transistor, the Internet, the smartphone are just some of the disruptive technologies which are banishing old business models, crushing accepted business norms, creating whole new classes of winners and long lists of losers.

NDFC is consistently at the leading edge of creating winning companies, often times facilitating a phoenix rising from the ashes. This usually takes on one or a combination of two forms:

Rising1. A reinvention of the company’s business, sales and revenue models, and/or

2. An entire paradigm shift including re-Imagineering the company’s core product and service offerings

The result is a business designed to win in the newly disrupted marketplace.

Is your business struggling to reinvent itself for this brave new world?

If yes, we invite you to see for yourself how we can rapidly expand your thoughts and vision into new opportunities.

Below are areas where NDFC was able to turn challenge into success for businesses previously positioned for their pre-disrupted environment.

The personal computer (PC) displaced the typewriter and forever changed the way we work and communicate.

The Windows operating system’s combination of affordability and a user-friendly interface was instrumental in the rapid development of the personal computing industry in the 1990s. Personal computing disrupted the television industry, as well as a great number of other activities.

Email transformed the way we communicating, largely displacing letter-writing and disrupting the postal and greeting card industries.

Cell phones made it possible for people to call us anywhere and disrupted the telecom industry.

The laptop computer and mobile computing made a mobile workforce possible and made it possible for people to connect to corporate networks and collaborate from anywhere. In many organizations, laptops replaced desktops, home offices replaced company offices.

Smartphones largely replaced cell phones and PDAs and, because of the available apps, also disrupted: pocket cameras, MP3 players, calculators and GPS devices, among many other possibilities. For some mobile users, smartphones often replace laptops. Others prefer a tablet.

Cloud computing has been a hugely disruptive technology in the business world, displacing many resources that would conventionally have been located in-house or provided as a traditionally hosted service.

Social networking has had a major impact on the way we communicate and — especially for personal use — disrupting telephone, email, instant messaging and event planning.

After its founding in 1969, National Diversified Funding Corporation flourished using its original business model for near 10 years. The unprecedented, high interest rates of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s forced the 1st reinvention of our own business model. We prospered for near another decade until the 1989 introduction of the World Wide Web ushered in an ever accelerating information and communication revolution. Adapting to the changing business scape resulted in the 2nd reinvention of our business model.

The 3rd reinvention of our business model could not wait another decade. By the late 1990’s, the speed of technological change necessitated a radical shift to maintain our competitive edge. For example, we began a shift from large offices with massive fixed overhead to resourcing most executive and staff personnel to work from a home office. Our reinvention cycle had dropped from ten years to seven.

Our 4th reinvention occurred six years later in 2003. Our 5th reinvention occurred four years later in 2007; our 6th, three years later in 2010; our 7th, two and a half years later in 2013; our 8th, two years later in 2015, our 9th a year later in 2016. Our reinvention cycle has since shortened to one year with major course corrections quarterly.

Our process begins with a simple premise, if we were designing our business model anew, with no legacy baggage, what would our business model be. To facilitate this premise, we have found that nimbleness and flexibility are more valuable than certainty. We have found that in the rapidly changing world in which we exist, certainty is a myth.

What we do for ourselves, we can also do for you. For more information, go to our contact page and request Business Model Makeover services.

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