Alfred Angelo

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Alfred Angelo is a strategic advisor, consultant and business coach, to companies searching for innovative Sales & Marketing solutions.

First and foremost an entrepreneur, Alfred has a 21 year track record building his own successful companies. His innovative sales and marketing methods have now become staples across a wide scope of industries.

Alfred’s business life began out of necessity… setting up a care agency to treat and support an autistic family member. He invented an innovative approach to delivering a patient’s treatment plan which provided the foundation for significant growth of this agency. His agency become a model with Alfred advising other care agencies on effective care plans for adults with autism.

His experiences as a dental student at the University of Birmingham, coupled with his knowledge of marketing resulted in Alfred becoming a practice builder for established dentists. On reputation alone, dentist throughout the UK sought out Alfred to building custom campaigns that enabled them to raise the profile of their practices and get more clients.

Alfred has a unique ability to align the company message so that it resonates with their target market.

For example:

  • Alfred acquired a “me too” convenience store and within 6 months increased sale volume by more than ten times. How did he accomplish such feat? He literally invented a loyalty program that went viral among the stores clientele, resulting in customers literally dragging their friends, relatives and work associates to the shop at the store.
  • Sales letters Alfred has written for clients have achieved up to a 14% response with a cold list out of the yellow pages.
  • His methods in delivering marketing messages have helped clients launch new products well positioned in their marketplace.
  • Retail clients have seen placement of their products appear on a variety of high profile platforms in department stores like the Whole Foods Group and on direct sales media like QVC shopping channel.

Alfred now uses his marketing talents and expertise to help companies increase their revenues with the intention of growing through acquisition, making the company attractive to investors or selling to strategic buyers for premium value.

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