Fabian Harris

Fabian Executive Photo 1Over 25 years of experience providing executive strategic management and consulting to small businesses. Trained and mentored in both marketing and merger & acquisition by top-in-their-field experts… Honed by experience, Fabian is force for business growth.

National recognition includes his receiving the Small Business of the Year Award from the Department of Defense for troop feeding in the Bosnian Conflict and his rise to Chief Executive Officer of Professional Services Aggregation, a subsidiary of Global Aggregation Corporation.

Fabian’s goal in life is to optimize everything he does, to get the best current and residual result for every dollar spent and every action employed. His mission is to exploit every underutilized asset and determine what ways it can be modified and ethically re-purposed to his client’s advantage.

His specialties are using financial and electronic leverage to enable resource restricted companies to get stellar results. He has consistently found ways to turn successful business growth techniques, concepts and approaches used by companies outside his market sphere into fresh new approaches in the businesses he serves.

Fabian’s success started early as a graduate of Northwestern University with honors and continues with his drive towards excellence in everything he pursues.

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