Gordon Bizar Explains Strategic Aggregation

Aggregation is simply the bringing together of similar and related independently owned and managed businesses to create greater sales, cost savings, purchasing power, access to financing and a more lucrative exit for the business’s owners and key personnel.

Strategic Aggregation is achieved through integrating key operational elements of several like, similar or related businesses into an operational whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. An aggregation becomes strategic when its members are organized around a marketing theme which facilitates exponential growth driven through cross-marketing and cost sharing. NDFC enhances the power of Strategic Aggregation by providing alignment of purpose, structure and process that dramatically accelerates results.

Is Aggregation Right for Your Company?

The world has entered a period of economic turbulence caused in part by global hyper-competition, historically high energy costs, financial uncertainty, and waves of new technologies. This will most likely be a prolonged period during which the status quo will be upset by rapid changes in how business is conducted within your industry.

The old business models and rules are being swept aside by new ones.

Can your business weather the storm by itself? Or, could it benefit from collaboration with successful partners committed to one another’s success?

NDFC creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to band together and create great wealth the likes of which will reside outside their reach if they continue to operate separately. By strategically aggregating with similar or related companies organized around a specific marketing theme, your company could:

  • Exponentially increase sales through cross-marketing
  • Dramatically reducing costs through resource sharing and greater purchasing power, and

Ownership and key personnel could:

  • Exit with liquidity and wealth at a time of their choosing

Strategic Aggregation helps businesses, and the people in them, to achieve their fullest potential.

If you’re a business owner or executive, you need to know about Strategic Aggregation. Whether you join or not, aggregation will dramatically affect your business. Either you will use it to outperform your competition. Or you will face competitors who use it to outpace you.

Gordon Bizar Discusses the Accountant Partnering System (APS) Strategic Aggregation

John Pollock, Financial Gravity CEO, interviews Gordon Bizar about Strategic Aggregation and how he is using that business model to build the Accountant Partnering System (APS) disrupting the entire CPA profession.

Gordon goes into great depth explaining how the Strategic Aggregation business model produces explosive sales with radically higher profit margins without the need for capital investment. Sound to good to be true? Listen and decide.

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