Elliette Jackson

Eliette JacksonImagine a force of nature so magnetic, so engaging, so dynamic that everything and everyone in its path is forever uplifted to its highest potential.

What if this force could be injected into your most sophisticated business building projects or task sets, and in record breaking time, deliver a best case result.

You are imagining Elliette Jackson.

Some say “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” As a business consultant and entrepreneur in his own right, Elliette compounds both the “what” and the “who” into a business dynamo of collaborative success.

Mr. Jackson parlayed his professional football career as a linebacker for the New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals into a networking juggernaut. His athletic career gained him access to some the world’s highest level movers and shakers. Reluctant to name drop, here are descriptions of some the people whose cell phones Elliette has on speed dial:

 • Founder/Principal of one of the world’s foremost business investment firms with a portfolio valued at more than $500 billion

 • Hotel king pin with properties valued in excess of a billion dollars

 • Basketball superstar turned entrepreneur with a net worth in excess of $700 million

 • Father of LBO mega financing who facilitated acquisitions of many of America’s corporate giants valued at over a trillion dollars

 • Founder and majority shareholder of one of the world’s largest big box store retailers

 • Political figures from former presidents to past and present mayors of major metropolitan cities

Humble Beginnings

Elliette is living his own rags to riches story.

Elliette Jackson was born in Birmingham Alabama to a family that instilled in him the highest ethical and moral values. From that base Elliette built his foundation of loyal and lasting relationships.

His business experience began while in high school with a series of odd jobs where he exhibited a flare for sales. Mr. Jackson quickly rose to leading salesman and then marketing manager for Trade Banks while attending Carson Newman College. He helped numerous salesmen become leaders in their district by teaching fundamentals of being a good salesman. His district was the leader in sales and marketing for a seven months period as he helped Trade Banks become nationally known and ranked as one of the top marketing firms in the country.

When school was out for the summer, Elliette worked for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where he became known as “the man with the marketing plan” bringing UAB an unprecedented increase in applications for enrollment. Mr. Jackson went on to create and orchestrate numerous seminars on raising sales revenue and cash flows for business owners and their companies.

The foundation for Elliette’s business career was set with his degree from Carson Newman College in Business Management and Accounting. His performance on the college gridiron won him a place playing for the NFL.

After Mr. Jackson’s release from the Bengals for a knee injury, he pursued his business career in earnest. In 2010, Elliette assembled a talented project management team that still helps entrepreneurs become successful business owners. With this venture, he has assisted over 100 entrepreneurs become successful in their craft and in their specialized industry.

Dynamic Endings

Elliette developed an ability to spot high potential real estate properties, acquiring them for his own account, and turning them into cash flow fountains to support his emerging lifestyle including the mobility he needed to develop his network of high profile business contacts.

Elliette now works on business projects where he orchestrates bringing the right people on board to manifest entrepreneurial vision into achievable reality. He is a wealth creator who structures and strategizes new solutions to today’s biggest challenges and brings together the people capable of getting it done.

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