Big Pitch Radio Show

What’s the Big Pitch?

Getting Your Share of the of the $12 Trillion Wealth Transfer from Baby Boom Business Owners to Gen X & Y Entrepreneurs!

National Diversified Funding Corporation will be partnering with top talent in dozens of industry sectors and niches to facilitate the transfer of businesses from their Baby Boomer owners to Gen X & Y Entrepreneurs. We will be doing this by forming private equity companies that specialize in each sector or niche. Each private equity company will be majority owned by the top talent that runs them.

We have access to near a Billion Dollars to fund these private equity companies.

If you qualify, you will get two minutes on air to pitch why NDFC should back you into ownership of your own private equity company. After which NDFC will ask you questions.

Here is what NDFC is going to want to know:

1. In what industry sector or niche are you an expert?
2. How you are extraordinarily well connected within that niche or sector?
3. What are your qualifications and credentials (track record) in that niche or sector?
4. What team would you put together to facilitate acquisitions?
5. Why should NDFC choose you over other top talent in your field?

This could be your ticket to creating hundreds of millions of dollars in personal net worth for you and your team.